Final Fantasy VII G-Bike
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Final Fantasy VII G-Bike
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Final Fantasy VII G-Bike Description

Take your sword, hop on your motorcycle, and go on one of the most action-packed pursuits in the history of video games. You might remember the Gold Saucer district from Final Fantasy VII. In this game, you will relive all the details of that mini game...


When Final Fantasy VII launched on PlayStation in 1997, it took gamers by storm. This was the first installment of the series that used 3D graphics to tell one of the most profound plotlines that had ever been told in a video game up until that point. Not only did the plot include twists and turns that astonished players, but the game also featured gameplay elements that were more intense and varied than anything experienced before. One of the most cherished mini games was the intense motorcycle chase in the Gold Saucer district. Square Enix had such fond memories of the scene that they decided to publish a mobile game that would relive and extend this iconic scene.

In Final Fantasy VII G-Bike, you take on the role of Cloud once again - equip his sword and hop on his bike to speed through the raunchy entertainment district. The action game is more than just a racing title. You will not only use your bike to break your own records on the racing track, but enjoy thrilling suspense and action on each course. This is a Final Fantasy title after all. If you remember the roleplaying game from 1997, you will be very well aware that Cloud did not ride his bike only for fun. In his quest to save the world against all evil, his ride through Gold Saucer was simply one of the many steps he had to take.

In Final Fantasy VII G-Bike, you will not carry your sword around for decoration. Your ride will be more thrilling than you might expect. Huge behemoths will do anything in their power to knock you down. Take your sword and show them who has the upper hand. Never ignore the racing track, however, as obstacles will make your life a living hell. Dodge, jump, and evade anything that crosses your way.

More than a racing game, Final Fantasy VII G-Bike features several RPG elements. This is not simply an endless runner on a motorcycle (you would still have a hard time finding the breaks for your two-wheeler). Level up Cloud, improve his motorcycle, and learn new swordfighting skills. The game is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike Screenshots

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