Final Hour: World War II
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Final Hour: World War II
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Final Hour: World War II Description

The greatest conflict the world has ever seen is in full swing and the land is torn by war. You must use your secret weapons and defeat the enemy if you have any hope to survive the war.


Final Hour: World War II will put you right into the middle of a conflict in which you will have to fight to survive. Set in the mid-20th century during the height of World War II, you will take control of a headquarters and be charged with building it up, defending it and launching attacks with your troops.

It is very important as a commander that you take care of your base and make sure that you are ready for an attack at any time. That means, you will have to construct new buildings and upgrade them. By doing so, not only will you expand your headquarters, but you will also be able to produce better goods, train better troops and research new technologies.
Of course, all of that building will require you to gather resources as well. This is also a vital aspect because without raw materials, you cannot build anything or power your ever-growing army. Remember, you are not alone in Final Hour: World War II and that means you will have to fight for your right to claim these resources.
What is also important when it comes to research and keeping your troops happy? That’s right – money. Money will allow you to purchase new items and upgrades that will make your buildings stronger and your troops more deadly on the battlefield. To earn more money, you can raise the tax rate on the citizens of your city. Be careful, if you raise the taxes too much, you could end up having an unhappy population.
The key to victory in Final Hour: World War II is to use your strategy and outwit the enemy. Whether you choose to do that in a diplomatic manner or through brute force, that is up to you. If you feel like the situation is getting a little too dicey for you, you can always team up with other players and make friends. It may be your only way to survive the war...

by Kyle Hayth

Final Hour: World War II Screenshots

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