Final Fantasy: Agito
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Final Fantasy: Agito
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Final Fantasy: Agito Description

Welcome to Orience, a world shaken by a terrible war. You will take on the role of a talented cadet who joins the Rubrum Magical Academy to become Agito - a mythical figure who is destined to save the world from chaos and destruction…


Final Fantasy is truly one of the most extensive franchises in the video game industry. It would literally be impossible to list or even mention all of the games that have made their way to consoles, computers, handhelds, and mobile devices. Even the main series is extensive as it is. It currently includes more than fourteen installments which have been released between 1987 and today. Aside from the original series, Final Fantasy has many metaseries each of which introduces an entirely new take on the fantasy universe. Each separate series usually includes a few games of its own all of which follow a coherent theme, rules, and plot and are set in the same universe. Final Fantasy: Agito follows this approach, as it is set in the world of Orience which was first introduced in Final Fantasy Type-0 released for Sony’s PSP in 2011.

Orience is a world of war and chaos. Four nations are in constant battle with one another fighting over the continent’s crystals. These magical objects have the power to bestow a unique blessing on each of the four nations. One person is believed to have the power to prevent the world from spinning out of control and reaching its armageddon which is called Finis. This mythical messiah is called Agito. You will create the main character who will be selected as a cadet for training as Agito at the Akademeia. You can completely customize all aspects of your protagonist including gender, facial features, hairstyle, and other features.

The mobile game is a typical roleplaying game with massive battles which will reward you with precious experience points. The more you fight, the stronger your avatar becomes. While you explore the wide world of Orience, collect loot and craft your ultimate weapon. Many behemoths of enemies await you in the wide world including massive robots and giant monsters.

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