Final Fantasy 6
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Final Fantasy 6
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Final Fantasy 6 Description

Take control of 14 rebels who are trying to overthrow an imperial dictatorship that has taken control of the world they live in. It is a world in which steampunk technology has taken over and magic has become long forgotten… if it wasn’t for the espers...


If you’re somewhat familiar with the gaming industry, you will have at least heard of the Final Fantasy franchise at some point. The brand has come to define Japanese RPGs like no other. While the series has proven to be incredibly eclectic ranging from medieval to steampunk settings, it has certain overlying conventions that allow anyone familiar with the franchise to know exactly what to generally expect from any of its installments. For many fans of the series, Final Fantasy 6 marks the highlight of the franchise - or at least of the classic titles leading up to this game. The folks over at Square Enix have deemed it necessary to introduce the game to another generation and to make it more accessible than ever before. The easiest way to do so was to release the game for all Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

The mobile game is an adaptation of the 2006 version of the role playing game, which was a remake for the Game Boy Advance in its day and age. It features the same gameplay, features, and plot that have made Final Fantasy 6 a classic and one of the most iconic Japanese role playing games of all times.

The app is set in an unnamed steampunk world that is inspired by the second Industrial Revolution. After the War of Magi which dates back one thousand years, magic has completely vanished. In its wake, iron, gunpowder, and steam engines have taken over making magic unnecessary and forgotten… if it weren’t for one of the protagonists of Final Fantasy 6 called Terra, who possesses the power of magic. Enslaved by the evil empire, she manages to escape, meeting her allies along her way, with whom she rebels against the dictatorship. You will take control of these warriors to help them overthrow the empire.

The game features typical RPG gameplay: strategy combat, an over-world with countless towns and dungeons to explore, a profound plot, and lots of upgrades, loot, and leveling up. The classic game has been recreated and customized for mobile devices - including controls that make us of your touchscreen.

Download Final Fantasy 6 and experience a classic game in a modern guise on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

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