Final Fantasy 3
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Final Fantasy 3
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Final Fantasy 3 Description

Four orphaned children are called upon by the crystal of light. They are given part of its power to set out into the world and restore balance and peace. Not knowing what this exactly entails, the orphans head out to complete their quest…


Players in Europe and North America had to wait very long for this Final Fantasy installment to find its way to their regions. The RPG was originally released in Japan in 1990. Its original version was never localized for Western audiences, but a 3D remake for the Nintendo DS compensated for this. In 2006, when the remade version of Final Fantasy 3 came out, it was the only game in the series that had not been previously released in Europe or North America. Since then, the role playing game has been published on various other platforms including all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The mobile version of Final Fantasy 3 is a complete adaptation of the 2006 remake, allowing an entirely new generation of players to check out the classic RPG saga. You will take control of four orphaned children who were selected by the crystal of light to restore balance in the world. In order to achieve this, the four youths are granted some of the power of the crystal. While the four chosen ones are not quite sure what their mission will actually entail, they set out on their journey.

In Final Fantasy 3, you are thrown into a modern version of a classic Japanese role playing game. While the original plot and the innovative game features have remained in the remake, the graphics were updated into 3D and the controls adjusted to the touchscreen of your mobile device.

Explore an innovative job and class system which will allow you to upgrade and customize your characters. Experience a vast world with endless towns and dungeons in which you can discover hidden content and loot. Upgrade your warriors with more powerful armor and weapons, level them up by collecting experience points in turn-based fights, and explore a profound story - all on your mobile device if you are willing to pay a small fee.

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