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Fighters Club
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Fighters Club Description

Put on your best gear and join arena battles either on your own or with friends. Using your character's strengths will get you far in this beat-em-up brawler brought to you by Kill3r Combo, so get ready to mash buttons and trigger combos!


One of the oldest genres in video game history is Beat 'Em Up, hands down. There’s just something oddly fascinating about mashing buttons to achieve combos and mess up your target pretty badly, using fighting techniques and the raw power of your fists. Fighting Club Online, as the name would suggest, is one of these games that allow you to pick a character and go to town on bad guys everywhere. Whether you are playing through missions given to you by NPCs in need or challenging other players to a duel: Keep your fingers on your keyboard and start brawling!

When you sign up for Fighters Club and join the free-to-play title, you currently have the choice of four unique fighting characters. These are: Remy, Spike, Jack and Zin. Each and every fighter not only has different weapons at his or her disposal, but also different specializations. Want to use energy waves to blast opponents into pieces or would you rather hurl fireballs at the target in front of you? No matter who you end up choosing, they all can stand their ground in solo fights as well as in arena battles. You unlock additional items and equipment as you make your way through the MMO that will help in fighting against multiple enemies at once. Most of them will also change your appearance.

From wrestling to taekwondo: Every move your character performs has been put into the game by newest motion capture technology. Authentic skills and realistic combat is what the developers have aimed for when making the video game fit for (almost) all ages - and with more than 400 kicks, slashes and jumps available, the effort has obviously paid off. Feel free to join the queue either on your own, with friends or random action enthusiasts from all over the world. We understand that going solo is the way to go sometimes, but having another hero to watch your back is never wrong in a competitive game like Fighters Club.

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