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FIFA World
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FIFA World Description

The time has come for you to build your own team and upgrade players to reach the best possible stats! In this free FIFA game, you participate in global soccer tournaments or hone your skills in player-versus-player challenges to increase your rating...


For years now, the FIFA franchise has offered soccer enthusiasts all over the world a way to build new teams and show their skills on the field by either mashing buttons or following a thought-out strategy. No matter how you play virtual soccer, the main objective is always the same: Score as many goals as possible and unlock the best players available to you. With FIFA World, Electronic Arts is now giving you the opportunity to do everything we just mentioned and much more for free.

Simply download the sports game on your computer, sign up an account, and start playing right away. Feel free to challenge other players or friends to matches or try your luck in single player campaigns that will put your soccer knowledge to the test. Don’t worry about losing a tournament, as there are no penalties for players that have yet to master the arts of triggering skill moves at the right time. Winning one match after the next on the other hand will grant you special prizes and reward you handsomely. It's time to lead your favorite soccer club to victory in this free-to-play game!

The more time you spend in FIFA World and the more matches you play, the better your players become. Each and every character has a set of attributes that you can upgrade. These include shooting, defending, heading and passing for regular players and reflexes, positioning and handling for goalkeepers. Never underestimate the importance of position and formation in this free FIFA installment of the FIFA franchise as they will help you take down opposing players with ease.

Hiring a manager is always a good idea if you want to keep up your team’s morale and keep player contracts in check. As you can see, there is a lot to keep in mind for being a soccer champion in this competitive online game. Will you be the one to reach the top of the official leaderboard and put all other FIFA players to shame?

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