Fifa Online: Electronic Arts reveals a sneak peak of upcoming patch features

10/19/2010 06:33 am in News

Electronic Arts (Lord of Ultima, Need for Speed World), publisher of the soccer management game Fifa Online, recently unveiled some of the features users can expect in the upcoming patch update. Players will now be able to play offline tournaments, as well as experience a new rematch option.
Fifa Online

Fifa Online

The patch update is expected to go online across all the servers sometime in the course of this week, though the exact date is yet to be released. The primary changes include the introduction of Al offline tournaments, a brand-new rewards system as well as new social options for online games.

The offline tournaments will allow you to compete in exciting matches against authentic teams from all parts of the world. The new rewards system will ensure your manager is rewarded each time your team levels up or wins your league. Players will now have the option to add their opponent as a friend as well as request a rematch after a Versus Match, providing players with more social networking options.

Fifa Online is a soccer management game, where you must coach, manage and inspire your own soccer team. Earn money through winning matches, and use your earnings to purchase new soccer equipment for your team. Using strategy and special tactics, you manage your team in real-time matches against other players from all over the world. Strive for the top of the league and become a Fifa Online champion.

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