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Fifa Online
What to expect:
  • Take on other players from all over the world in this free soccer game
  • Manage your own team
  • Train your team and make sure that they win every challenge
  • Recruit new players
  • Come up with winning strategies
  • Download Games
  • PC Games
  • PvP
  • Competition
  • Sports
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Play Fifa Online and Become the Best Soccer Manager

The Fifa soccer game series by EA is famous internationally. Finally, you now have the opportunity to play Fifa Online.


Fifa Online is the client-based online version of the Fifa series by Electronic Arts. At the beginning you select your favorite club and become the manager of the team. It is your task to lead your club to success by winning soccer matches, earning money and adding new players to your team.

Whenever your team wins a match, you are rewarded with special equipment for your players. For example, if you get better shoes for your players their scoring will improve. The money you earned in the game can be used in the store. There you have the opportunity to purchase manager or player items. Keep an eye on your budget! Don't spend too much money for things you don't really need. Keeping tabs on the financial situation is your job, also, as team manager in Fifa Online.

Then there's the strategic aspect. You choose the strategy for the upcoming matches. You decide which player covers which position. Do you want to play aggressively, or is your defense more valuable? Take a close look at the opposing team and decide what strategy it takes to lead your team to success.

In Fifa Online, you play live against thousands of other gamers from different countries. There are 30 different leagues and several game modes to explore.

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