FIFA 15 Ultimate Team
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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team
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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Description

Fancy yourself as a bit of a football professional? Test out your skills on the pitch in this free-to-play football simulation game, which lets you develop your very own team of soccer heroes for intense PvP matches.


Football, or soccer, holds the title as the most celebrated sport in history, with world championships that see teams from across the globe fighting to reign supreme and take home that all important, all encompassing trophy. FIFA, or the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, is the organisation behind it all, where every four years they bring the world cup to one lucky host country.

Electronic Arts (The Sims FreePlay, Plants vs. Zombies) have teamed up with FIFA to bring you this mobile sports game, where you can develop your own team of sporting legends, putting together a group of players that is unstoppable on the pitch! Earn, trade, and collect these superstars, like Lionel Messi and Eden Hazard, and put together a fantasy team that will surely wipe the floor with your opponents.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has different modes for you to play through, allowing you to engage in quick matches or real-time 90 minute championships. Test your skills as a football manager, set up your squad of merciless players, and then take them to the pitch. The outcome of a match will depend entirely on your football knowledge and your ability to give directions. Keep in mind that each kicker will have unique attributes that influence the success of the game. Try out your skills on the pitch and control your team of 11 trophy-hungry heroes, using the touchscreen of your mobile devices to worm the ball around the pitch, pass to other players, and shoot for the goal.

There are two different types of controls for you to use when controling the players in this mobile soccer game. Firstly, there’s the Casual Controls, which allow you to play while on-the-go, making simple passes a shooting with just the tap of a button. Then there’s the Classic Controls, which are altogether more challenging, but allow you to perform more complex maneuvers when controlling the players, like through passes and skill moves.

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