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Fiesta Online
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Fiesta Online Description

There are exciting adventures in a stunning fantasy world waiting for you. Find the fragments of Bijou, the image of God, and thus save the entire continent...


The client game Fiesta Online takes you into a magical 3D-fantasy world. You are on a continent that exists in a parallel section of space and time. In this world, things used to be calm and peace prevailed while all living creatures dewelled in harmony with nature. But things are a-changing, especially as the creator of this world was banished by the gods. Now, envy and greed have tainted everyday life and the creatures that inhabiut the online fantasy universe live without protection. In the free-to-play game, it's up to you to restore faith and order and slay a bunch of evil monsters while doing so. Can you do that? We're confidend that you can!

The best way to reclaim the throne in Fiesta Online is to pick a character class that best suits your needs. From Fighters who rally at the front of the battle to wield their melee weapons to Clerics who have been blessed by the powers that be: Every classic fantasy archetype is represented in the fantasy MMORPG and then some. Then of course there's the Mage, an erudite spellcaster wreaking havoc on the battlefield by unleashing elemental powers upon enemies. The Archer and the Joker rely on quick reflexes and agile maneuvers to get the job done. Don't worry about making the wrong the decision, however, as Gamigo allows you to go back and conduct a class change.

Saving the Fiesta Online world from its impending doom is no easy feat, but if there's someone that can pull it off, it's you. Should you succeed, the evil gods will be banished forever and harmony can be restored for all creatures, once and for all. Dive into the magical online world for free by downloading the client, and lend the elves a helping hand in saving the magical realms together with friends and fellow online gamers. Teamwork is essential, especially when heading into dark caverns and remote dungeons!

by Kyle Hayth

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