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Felspire: Play the Fantasy Game for Free

Enter through the Felspire, a portal into the underworld in this free-to-play browser-based RPG.


You have to defeat hordes of enemies to save the world of Eremos, while recruiting pets and upgrading equipment as you go.

Felspire gives you an action packed RPG, with some features that set it apart from standard MMO fantasy games. Step into a fantasy world where you cross between worlds of men and monsters to bring peace to Eremos once more. What’s an MMO without a load of key features to keep players coming back for more? Felspire has it all:

Three Playable Classes:

  • Fight against your foes in three powerful and diverse classes. The fearless warrior, agile archer, or the powerful mage. You can level up to specialize your abilities, adding up to 15 specializations. Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses, so there’s always a class to match your playstyle.

Automated Gameplay

  • You don’t have to spend hours grinding for resources, as your character will automatically do this for you! The in-game automation takes the stress out of the usual RPG grind. Simply sit back, relax, and watch your internet points climb. Use your time to play in the PvP battlegrounds, dungeons, or in Guild vs Guild combat.

Massively Multiplayer

  • Play with or against limitless other players. Fight against other players in PvP combat to show your skill and collect awesome buffs or enter the Demon Abyss or Temple of Death with friends. Work together to collect rewards and experience. Guild vs Guild combat means that you need to find some trustworthy and skilled friends to take on other guilds and prove your might on the battlefield.

Loads of Collectible Items

  • Collect and craft hoards of collectible items, such as loyal pets, mounts, weapons, and armor to make your character unique and envied by other players. The world is full of monsters and dungeons to raid to gather more impressive and powerful items.

Dive into loads of free-to-play content with your friends and battle against the forces of evil to discover more loot and treasures hidden in dungeons.

Felspire is available free-to-play on your browser!

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