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Faxion Online
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Faxion Online Description

Step into a place far removed from this world, where a battle between good and evil is seething. Join the dark forces of Hell or fight for the purity of heaven in this highly competitive MMORPG...


Faxion Online is a fantasy-themed MMORPG set in the realms of heaven and hell. Partake in large-scale battles and fight for control of precious territory. Upon entering the game players are able to choose which faction to enter: heaven, hell or limbo. Adopt your own hero character, and customize the skills, progression paths and abilities.

Achieve honor and glory through victory and adventure as you fight for your faction. Roam the denizens of the Seven Deadly Sins and determine the fate of the real world. Fight as a Reaver from Hell or a Crusader from Heaven. Both characters are classic warriors, wielding large weaponry and strong protective armor, preferring the frontline in combat.

In Faxion Online you can play as a lone hero, or form your very own guild. Participate in one of the many guild-driven quests and adventures, taking on the evils of Hell or the fierce fighters of Heaven. Every blood-tingling battle undertaken influences the world of Faxion Online, so it is crucial you are fully prepared. Fight against the mighty Heavenly Host or the terrifying Hell's Horde in this role-playing online game.

In Faxion Online there is a strong focus on skirmish-style combat, and less focus on the grind of leveling. With an offline advancement option as well as multi-classing options, there are various ways for your character to progress without the strain of leveling. Faxion Online has a high-quality 3D graphics engine, and has an expansive and rich storyline to be immersed in. Don't miss the opportunity to fight for good or for evil in this combat-focused MMORPG.

by Kyle Hayth

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