Fast and Furious
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Fast and Furious
What to expect:
  • Play in the Fast and Furious Universe
  • Build your Own Racing Team with Characters from the Movie
  • Earn Respect and Money by Winning Races
  • Play for Free in your Browser
  • Race on a Wide Range of Different Modes and Track
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  • Racing
  • Cars
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Play Fast and Furious Online for Free

The next quarter-mile decides your future: will you be the one to collect the prize money?


The online racing simulation Fast and Furious is based on the eponymous hit movie. In this online game you can slip into the role of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez and build your own racing team. All day long you work on your various 10-second cars, so they can give the top performance in the illegal races that take place at night. As long as you stay undercover, though, no cop will be able to stop you!

In Fast and Furious everything comes down to respect and money. You need money to buy new equipment for your beloved car or to take part in exciting races. Money is just a means to an end. Because what you are really after in Fast and Furious is to gain respect from the numerous other players. Reeling in the ultimate bragging rights by winning online tournaments in this racing manager will get you far, especially within the community. Once you make a name for yourself by dashing down the tracks, life will be much easier for you in the browser game. That's why it's super helpful to join a racing club and have like-minded players join you on your legacy.

In the browser game Fast and Furious, you have the opportunity to modify all conceivable auto parts, paint them, or exchange them for better ones. This is where the charm of the game actually lies. The races in Fast and Furious are well presented and offer good information. The quarter-mile is probably going to be your favorite racing distance, but who are we to tell you what's best for you? Sign up today and find out which game mode is your favorite, which racing track seems the easiest to master and which car manufacturer produces the most dazzling automobiles fit for high-speed racing.

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