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Fashion Icon
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Fashion Icon Description

Become a famous fashion blogger and share your knowledge and good taste with the online world! Explore Paris one boutique at a time and meet new people in the city of love. But be careful, as other experts will challenge you to style battles...


Ah, Paris! The city of love, good food and fashion that’s simply to die for. Guess what? Luxurious outfits and expensive clothes are exactly what you are in for in Fashion Icon, a free mobile game brought to you by Gameloft (Pastry Paradise). You slip into the role of a female protagonist as you explore what the capital of France has to offer and become a notorious fashion designer by gaining experience and drawing attention to your blog. Don’t worry - you don’t actually have to write articles to reach the top in this gaming app for girls and boys alike. What is asked of you, however, is to pay different boutiques a visit and put together the most magnificent ensembles that you can possibly think of.

Meeting new people is your main goal in Fashion Icon, whether it be other fashionistas or a love interest that will captivate your heart forever. Other designers are most likely out to get you, however, so be careful who to trust in this mobile game. Not everyone has your best interest in mind and some might even want to steal your ideas or see you fail. Take on rival divas in so-called Style Battles and prove to the fashion world that you have what it takes to take down the competition!

Bonus points are rewarded for making the right style choices on the fly and putting together outfits that will not only wow the judges, but also leave other designers gagging on your eleganza. Keep your ears peeled and eyes open, as other players may try to spread rumors about you. Stay focused on promoting your fashion blog - that’s what counts in Fashion Icon!

To become a fashion designer you must look the part. Customize your avatar any way you like: Choose a hairstyle, pick an outfit and put on some make up to make sure that the first impression you leave on potential employers, business partners or love connections is a remarkable one. Fashion Icon is available for Android smartphones and tablets.

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