FarmVille 2 Country Escape: More Storage with New Silo Update

08/27/2014 05:41 am by Anna Radak in NewsFarmSimulation

Country Escape

Country Escape

Video games have a habit of turning players into hoarders, encouraging them to store items and pick up any loot just "in case they might need it later". This often leads to full inventories and warehouses bursting at the seams. With the latest Country Escape update, Zynga has just the solution for anyone that’s looking to add more storage to their mobile farm. The Crop Silo is a building that can be set up once you reach level 19 in the free-to-play simulation game and allows you to store anything from pears to honeycombs to yummy potatoes.

Crop Silo

The new FarmVille 2: Country Escape update is now available for both iOS and Android players. Keep in mind that once the Crop Silo is built, you can upgrade it by investing padlocks and nails. Upgrades will increase the amount of items you can storage. You can quick-sell goods within the silo up to five times a day, just in case you are looking to make a little extra coin in the mobile game.

Farm Order Board

Zynga (FarmVille 2) is currently also working on a brand-new feature for FarmVille 2: Country Escape. The Farm Order Board has been teased in a recent blog post, granting a glimpse of what’s coming: a quest board that will reward you with mystery crates (holding goods, experience, coins or keys) once you complete enough orders. We will keep you updated on future updates!

Source: Official game homepage
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