Farmerama: Important Info for Your Fiesta

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“We’re going to party, karamu, fiesta, forever… come on and sing along!” (Thank you, Lionel Richie) – The time is now to start your own little fiesta in Farmerama thanks to the Spanish Fiesta Event kicking off today, October 15th. Now, it is important to have all the info you need if you really want to throw a proper party. Here we have collected the information you need to know to get down and boogie!
The famous Spaniard, Don Quixote, needs your help in his quest to defeat those pesky windmills. The Spanish Fiesta event in Farmerama will have you lending a hand to this strange fellow and his journeys in a two-part quest series.

Part 1 – The Beginning

The minimum level required to participate in the Spanish Fiesta is level two. If you fulfill this lofty requirement, you will see a six step quest in the Farmer’s Society Building – pretty much where you get all of your other quests.

The special crop for the event is the wonderful Iris. This crop will take three hours, grant you 30 EP for a 2x2 square and can be grown on all lands… including Bahamarama.

All of the level 2+ players will receive 10 seeds at the start of the event. They are not available in the seed shop, nor will you be able to buy or sell them at the market. If you use your seeds and end up with less than 5, you will have to wait for the automatic refill that occurs every 4-5 hours.

Part 2 – Get Your Sunscreen

This part has not been announced yet, but as soon as it is… we will have what you need to know right here.

The Rewards

Ah yes. You have worked hard and helped the wonky Don in his quest. Now it is time for you to be rewarded. There are a number of rewards for you to earn:

A Don Quixote Sticker
A Flowery Spain Flag
A Jousting Horse

Quest Completion Requirements

Table for quest steps and requirements for different levels.

A Small Tip

For those of you with some extra cash to spend or spare BBs lying around, you can purchase your way through any of the steps in the quest chain. Only the current challenge will be completed if you do so (Silver, Gold or Diamond).
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