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02/09/2011 10:52 am in News

Are you always looking for the best way to get your farm to the next level and make sure you stay on top? Well, we most certainly have something for you then! As a way of saying thank you, Bigpoint is giving out codes that will unlock special items and useful upgrades for your farm.


Bigpoint (ZooMumba, Ponyrama), publishers and developers of the free-to-play browser game Farmerama, would like to thank you by giving out free bonus codes. You can find the newest, most up-to-date bonus codes right here as soon as they are released.

Here is the list of those bonus codes!

1/24/2012 - 2/5/2012: socialstar - 5 Stars!

11/15/2011 - 11/29/2011: farmhelp - 3 hours of machinery help

9/26/2011 - Unknown!: pretzel - Gingerbread heart for free

8/18/2011 - 18/8/2012: award - 30x super feed, 35x super fertilizer, 25x salt, 25x preserving sugar

7/20-7/24 tooltime: get 71 nails, 28 wood and a hammer

6/23-6/24 chickentogo: get five Power Feed for free

2/18-2/21 bonusfun: get 1 hour of +50% EP

2/17-2/21 droidmania: three hours use of Farm Droid

2/16-2/21 dungfun: receive 10X Super Grow

2/13-2/21 seed4free: three hours of the Farm Droid

2/12-2/21 happyharvest: three hours use of the Combine-Harvester, 1st option: harvesting

2/10-2/21 seedomatic: the Farm Droid will be available for three hours

2/10-2/21 foodmood: receive five units of Super Food

2/9-2/21 farmdroid: unlock the Farm Droid for three hours

2/7-2/21 harvesterfun: this will let you use the harvester for three hours

2/7-2/21 happyspinning: this is a code for a free spin on the wheel

Simply enter the bonus codes on the "barcode" section on the News page to redeem them. Happy farming!

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