Farmerama: Panda Bears and Ginger Roots - New Bahamarama Content Today

06/24/2014 03:01 am by Anna Radak in NewsBrowser GamesSimulation



We’re in the middle of summer and that can only mean one thing: Everyone is eager to go to the beach, kick up their feet and truly relax while getting their tan on. To give you that kind of feeling even when playing Farmerama, Bigpoint (Skyrama) is now ready to add a little bit of Asian flair to the Bahamarama island with the newest update. Starting today, you will be able to grow ginger and entertain pandas in their very own habitats. Make sure to stock up on bamboo which is, obviously, what these black and white bears love to eat.
So-called Zen Rakes have been introduced as new tools and will be required to expand and upgrade your Bahamarama island empire from now on. Today's Farmerama update also adds the Moringa Tree Statue and the Chopstick Factory to the browser game, both important buildings if you want to slowly increase your standing within the farm simulation community. These new features come with a quest (Island Cosmetics) that asks you to collect all kinds of Bahamarama crops, animals and items. Completing the mission to the very last step will grant you a spa recipe.

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