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Farm Kingdom
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Farm Kingdom Description

In this free-to-play browser game you have the chance to rise from being a lowly peasant to the ruler of your own kingdom. The chance is anyone’s – will you take it?


Harvest your crops and work hard like any good peasant would in the free-to-play browser game, Farm Kingdom. The question then arises – what do you do after all of your chores have been completed and the animals cared for?

Farm Kingdom features various mini-games for you to complete when waiting for your next round out in the fields or cleaning up the barn. These games let you cook hot meals, build fantastic buildings, fish for some of the trickiest fish and dig for hard-to-find resources. The mini-games will even reward you!

The mini-games are the bread and butter of Farm Kingdom. As a cook, you will be able to prepare many different dishes from pancakes to goose soup. If you are looking to kick back and relax a little bit, you can head over to the fishing pond where big fish are just waiting to be caught – but only if you use the right bait. For those of you with grandiose ideas in your head for fantastic buildings, test your architecture skills by constructing new buildings like a brand new deck or a large pigsty. Last but not least, is the arcade-style mining game. Try your hand at finding additional precious resources to help out you and your friends. All of these games will be rewarded with gold coins and experience points.

The more you work and expand your farm in Farm Kingdom, the better your standing will be. This is how you get the chance to become a lord of your own lands instead of just a humble farmhand. Remember, you will have to be quite persistent and participate in many mini-games, but the rewards are well worth the time put in. Think you have what it takes to leave the life of a peasant behind and become a king?

by Kyle Hayth

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