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Farm Days
What to expect:
  • Online Farm Game for Your Browser
  • Join Alliances with Other Players
  • Weekly Events for Varied Gameplay
  • Lots of Plants, Animals, and Buildings
  • Browser Games
  • Online Games
  • Simulation
  • Building Games
  • Farm
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Play Farm Days for Free and Become a Farmer

Manage your own farm in the free-to-play browser game Farm Days. Tend to your livestock and plants!


In the free-to-play browser game Farm Days, you will slip into the role of a brand new farmer, who manages the daily business of a big farm. You plow fields, sow crops, and tend to them so that they thrive. While your fruits and vegetables grow, you will make sure to continuously water them until they are ripe. Your next step is to harvest them and sell them to your customers. A black board informs you about the kind of goods your customers are interested in. You can either sell your fruit and vegetables directly to your customers, or you can use your produce to create other food items in your various production buildings.

Not all of your customers are vegetarians or vegans in Farm Days. Many of them are also interested in animal goods such as eggs, dairy products, and meat. Obviously, you require a big variety of livestock to produce all of these items. Build comfortable stables on your farmland and grow enough food for all of your animal friends. Just like with the produce, you have the option to either sell your eggs, milk, and meat directly to your customers or to process them into other food products, such as bread.

Expand Your Farm and Find New Neighbors

As you progress in Farm Days, you will constantly expand your property to create more space for your livestock, plants, and production buildings. Not every new piece of land will be made of green meadows. Sometimes, you will add a picturesque pond or stream to your farmland. While this may give you less space for plowing new fields, it allows you to grab your fishing rod and catch some fish. Fish is just as highly demanded as meat and produce on the market. As if that wasn’t enough, Farm Days also allows you to partner up with other players. Find them on the world map and connect with them. You can either join an already established alliance or create your very own one.

Farm Days is available for free in the browser of your choice.

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