FantasyRama Preview: Magical Farming and Fantasy Gardens

06/29/2012 04:33 am by Kyle Hayth in PreviewsBrowser GamesStrategy

Everyone loves a fun and magical adventure… we here at are no different and so we decided to try our hand at tending a magical garden in the brand-new title, FantasyRama. Hopefully, we will be able to help protect the magical majesty of the online world!
Some of you out there may already be familiar with Bigpoint’s other “rama” titles, such as Farmerama or Skyrama. Having just entered the Open Beta testing phase in the last couple days, we figured we would try it out and let our readers know what to expect. In FantasyRama,we imagined that our tasks would be roughly similar and after logging into the fantastically purple homepage, we got our first introduction to the cute and tiny Flory Fairyfluff. She was ready to take our hand and get us started with harvesting herbs and other plants to help feed the Tree of Life.

Getting Down and Dirty

So that was it – we got right to work planting our seeds. Much like in the already popular Farmerama, we had to find new plots of land where we could plant our seeds. After we planted them, we had to make sure that they got enough nutrients and water. It is quite a bit of clicking, but we had to make sure that these precious plants stayed alive! Sometimes it took too long so we decided to use our enchanted ambrosia to speed things up.
To make sure that we always had enough room in our magical garden, we also had to make sure that we had enough plots of land. The layout in FantasyRama is quite simple and allowed us to not only navigate the interface easily, but also our field. Divided up into a grid, the fields hold plots of land on which we can plant our new plants and herbs. We were able to add more quickly, just by choosing which size/shape we wanted.

Farmerama vs FantasyRama - The similarities are easy to see and the gameplay is based on the same principles.

More Than Plants, You Say?

Of course, we are not just helping protect the magical plants and trees of FantasyRama. After a little bit of work, we were able to unlock the sweetest gecko and place him in our field – hopefully he feels at home. There are many more animal that are able to be purchased as well, not just our friendly gecko… however, that comes later after we have leveled some more!
There is also more than one way to get new seeds and creatures on our farm. We worked hard and collected enough star coins that we were able to purchase a wonderful little tree that we decided to plant in our field. Diversity is key to not only having a pretty garden, but a healthy one as well.
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