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Fantasy Tennis
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Fantasy Tennis Description

Explore the vast magic of FantasyLand, a world created by the beautiful Goddess Isis, and participate in exciting and challenging tennis tournaments in one of the many cute locations...


Fantasy Tennis is a free-to-play client game set in the paradisiacal FantasyLand. The utopian FantasyLand is a peaceful world, created by the Goddess Isis after she was banished by the nine gods of Gaia. Fantasy Tennis has cute colourful graphics and a large map full of interesting environments to explore including the sparkling Star Island, the fiery Fireland and the mysterious Atlantis.

Every year the Goddess Isis hosts a tennis tournament and grants the winner one wish. Adopt your very own character and hit the courts to have your wish granted. There are four character classes to choose from including the cheeky Niki, the enchanting LunLun, the tempestuous Dhanpir, and the sweet Lucy. Each character has its own personal story and motivation for winning the tournament. Niki wants to return to the land of Gaia, LunLun wants to help Niki, Dhanpir seeks revenge on the vampire slayer Van Helsing and Lucy is in search of her missing father. Help them to win the tennis tournament and fulfil their dreams.

Every character has their own NPC to assist them throughout the tournament. These include the cute Gomdori, the mischievous Ayaya, the shy but fierce Hell Guard and the protective Fernando. You can also use the help of the cheeky Pikaro and Poteko Battlemons in the doubles tournaments. In Fantasy Tennis you play the thrilling tournaments in one of five colourful courts. Become a tennis champion at the buzzing Twinkle Town court, the magnificent Emerald Beach court, the sandy Nest of Rubycrab court, the sky-high Aeolos court and the lush Life Woods court.

Embark on exciting quests to earn rewards and experience, invite friends over to your own Fantasy Tennis house to chat, and play fun mini games. Level up from a Chicky Rookie right up to Silver Star Master.

So warm up, get your racquet ready and head to the courts of Fantasy Tennis to have your wish come true.

by Kyle Hayth

Fantasy Tennis Screenshots

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