Fantasy of Swords: The Open Beta Has Started – Are You Ready to Fight?

03/16/2011 10:06 am in News

As of yesterday, anyone and everyone can join in the free-to-play MMORPG, Fantasy of Swords. Online games publisher, Lekool, has brought the game out of the Closed Beta testing phase after three weeks of testing and opened it up to the world for everyone to participate in this stage of development.
Fantasy of Swords

Fantasy of Swords

After just three short weeks of Closed Beta testing, you can sign up right now to join in the Fantasy of Swords Open Beta testing phase. Lekool (Caesary, Warflow) has now successfuly begun its Open Beta testing phase for its 7th game since it began with the online strategy game, Caesary, less than a year ago.

Fantasy of Swords features classic MMORPG elements including an extensive trade system, companions and player housing. Not only are these system already in place, with the launch of the Open Beta testing phase, you can expect the guild system and cash shop to be available. There are also events to celebrate the launching of the Open Beta, in which everyone can participate.

With the launch of the Open Beta testing phase, the official launch for Fantasy of Swords looms ever closer. It will be the first localized version of the game for the North American market.

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