Fantasy of Swords
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Fantasy of Swords
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Fantasy of Swords Description

Discover a lush and vast fantasy world in this browser based MMORPG. As one of several character classes, you must take on the evil that looms over the Centre Plain...


Fantasy of Swords is a browser based role-playing game; in order to play you can simply open any browser on any PC, log in and begin your adventures in the fantasy MMORPG.

In the browser game Fantasy of Swords a war between the immortals and the demons has been raging for over 500 years. The extremely brutal and jealous demon emperor, Asura, has persecuted and heartlessly killed many immortals over this time in his bid to be the ultimate leader of the land. Envious of the kind-hearted Indra, Asura has persisted in his malicious and cold-blooded destruction of the land in the quest for world domination. Your mission is to enter this long-standing and mighty battle as one of several character classes, and bring down this evil emperor and his allies.

Defend the sprawling lush land from destruction and display your strength as a true hero and legend. The Asia-themed MMORPG Fantasy of Swords is a browser game that has a host of exciting features. The game features a pet system where you are able to adopt your own furry companion to keep you company as you journey across the land.

In addition to this there is an in-game market trading system where you are able to trade your collected items with other players in order to best equip yourself for your Fantasy of Swords adventures. The role-playing game also features item enhancement, a housing system, in-game email, a treasure rewards system and a production system. You are even able to participate in virtual marriages with other players. Protect the immortals from destruction by slaying the forces of evil in the MMORPG Fantasy of Swords.

by Kyle Hayth

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