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Fantasy Hill
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Fantasy Hill Description

This is not your grandmother’s garden. Hang up your gardening apron and put the tools back into the shed, and go find your favorite armchair. You're in for a wild ride!


In Fantasy Hill, you have the power to create a unique, vibrant and thriving garden with just the click of your mouse; and of course your fairy helper Anthea.

Your garden is an empty slate, just waiting for you to write your dream upon it. Dragonsnaps that actually breath fire, reeds that play delightful music when the wind blows, and daisies that can make even the bravest of knights fall to his knees. Anything that you can imagine, you can do.

In Fantasy Hill you have complete control over your magical domain, and even have the opportunity to meet a variety of magical characters that can help you develop your dream garden. Kalendra, the protectress-queen of Fantasy Hill helps keep the realm safe from evil, with the help of her dragon Gwendra, assuring that all Fantasy Hill inhabitants live only the most peaceful of lives.

In the town center you can find everything that you need for a thriving garden: seeds, soil, watering cans, tools and a huge variety of garden decorations that allow you to even further customize your garden. And if you ever feel a bit lonely in your garden, fear not! There are thousands of other players in Fantasy Hill with their own unique gardens, and the town center is the perfect place to chat, exchange tips, suggestions and strategies for planting the perfect garden. You can also visit your friends at their gardens and invite them over to yours. And remeber, if a friend is good to you, be good to your friends and help them with their gardens whenever possible.

Be transported to the vibrant, beautiful landscapes of Fantasy Hill and live out your wildest gardening fantasies.

by Kyle Hayth

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