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Fantage Description

This browser based social game is packed full of activities including fun mini games, shopping, making new friends, collecting gems, embarking on missions, designing your own house, and more!


Fantage is a free browser game set in a colorful cartoon-like world. You start the game by choosing a user name and selecting from one of several avatars. Once you have your avatar ready, you can begin your Fantage adventure! The detailed world map has a host of areas that you can explore, each with their own exciting mini games and chances to socialize with other players from all over the world – some of these zones include the creature area, downtown, a beach, the forest, and uptown.

Each player has their own ID phone in Fantage which displays the number of stars, medals and stickers they have collected. Stickers can be earned of given to you as a present from other players. You also have your own sticker inventory, allowing you to share cute stickers with your friends. You even have your own home in the browser based game which you can decorate in a number of ways, with different and unique furniture items, which can be rotated and re-sized to fit your apartment.

Find the coolest outfits for your avatar at Le Shop – you can buy facial accessories, wigs, clothes, jewelry, shoes and even hover boards to maintain your chic style! Should you tire of all the shopping and decorating, you can always try your luck at one of the several mini games available in the free browser game Fantage. Collect precious gems by playing games in the forest, complete exciting missions handed out by General Gopher at the Mission Centre, and socialize with other players at exciting events. The world of Fantage awaits you!

by Kyle Hayth

Fantage Screenshots

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