Family Guy Online
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Family Guy Online
What to expect:
  • Meet the Griffins in this free online game
  • Enjoy wacky adventures with Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, and Stewie
  • Beautiful cartoon graphics that reflect the style of the show
  • Funny humor true to the TV series
  • Play the game in the browser of your choice
  • Browser Games
  • RPG
  • Type
  • 3D
Age group

Family Guy Online: Meet the Griffins in the Browser of Your Choice

Spooner Street is just a click away in Family Guy Online. Become a citizen in Quahog, Rhode Island and meet everyone from Cleveland to Mayor West.


Family Guy Online is a free-to-play browser game based on the hit television series, Family Guy. Find out what it is like to be a part of the show and get into crazy shenanigans alongside Peter and the rest of the gang.

Featuring 3-D graphics right in your browser, Family Guy Online brings the world of Peter, Lois and the kids to life.

In Family Guy Online, you will create your own character and travel around your hometown of Quahog, Rhode Island. To start your journey, you have the opportunity to choose one of four different character types.

The Marital Arts Trained Mom, Powerfully Fat Dad, Spaz-Attack Teen and Genius Kid. Each one has their own unique set of skills and can be useful in your day-to-day activities.

Unfortunately, Family Guy Online was shut down, but if you are still interested in becoming an upright citizen of Quahog, you can do so by downloading Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff on your mobile device. Enjoy!

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