Family Farm Seaside
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Family Farm Seaside
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Family Farm Seaside Description

Build a functioning farm by the seaside, with livestock, crops and residents. Connect with people from all over the world and compete in becoming the ultimate virtual farmer!


Family Farm Seaside is a mobile simulation game that invites you to become an entrepreneur of the farming world. Similar to Hay Day and My Free Farm, this free-to-play title lets you create your own agriculture business with crops and livestock. It is optimized for iOS, Android, and Windows mobiles and tablets, with simple controls that utilize the touch screen interface. Each farm is unique with hundreds of different products and buildings. Explore other farms online and connect with your friends and rivals for a social, fun, farm building experience.

Starting out with just a plot of land, this farm simulation game invites players to develop their skills as not just a peasant, but also a business manager. There are over 200 items that you can produce, opening up many opportunities to develop a unique business that will surely make a tidy profit. Use the in-game currency to expand your territory and gain more land for your agricultural enterprise. Plus, there are over 100 achievements for you to tackle, each with unique rewards and bonuses.

Raise a variety of different animals, from babies to fully grown adults, ensuring that each and every creature is cared for and healthy. With pigs, cows, and sheep, you will see all your favorite farm animals, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of your a typical country farmyard.

You can even own cute, cuddly rabbits that hop around your land, chickens that cluck and peck, or large muscular bulls that stand tall against their female counterparts. Family Farm Seaside also has many crops that you can grow that will need to be looked after to ensure that you have a plentiful harvest. Each crop has its pros and cons, some are more valuable than others and some will be easier to grow, so it's up to you to decide which will be right for your land and its animals.

Family Farm Seaside Screenshots

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