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Family Barn
What to expect:
  • Establish and Manage Your Own Farm
  • Sow and Harvest Crops
  • Fun Production Chains
  • Endless Decorations
  • Play Together with Your Friends
  • Browser Games
  • Online Games
  • Simulation
  • Building Games
  • Farm
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There’s lots to do on the barn. Cultivating fields, fertilizing plants, and harvesting them are only a few of the daily tasks in Family Barn.


Family Barn is a classic farm simulation, both colorful and highly addictive. You will slip into your rain boots, select your prettiest farmer’s hat, and tend to your plants and animals. If you’re efficient and optimize your daily routine, you will soon be the manager and owner of a flourishing farm that other players can only dream of!

Start a Business with Your Farm

Naturally, you have to start somewhere in Family Barn (also known as Family Farm on Facebook). You own a relatively small property with a few fields, a cow, a Dutch mill, and an apple tree. In the beginning, you will be busy enough with simple tasks, such as feeding your cow and milking it, plowing new fields and harvesting your plants, and producing flour. Later on, you will have quite a plethora of tasks to do. Plow a field, sow the clover, harvest the plant, feed it to the cow, milk the cow, add the milk to the cheese master, and produce the cheese. That is only one of several similarly complex tasks in Family Barn. There are numerous other tasks that are just as complex.

Keep in mind that many different production chains also interact with each other. You need to harvest the clover to feed the cow, but you also need to allow the bees to pollinate the flowers first so that they can produce honey. Harvesting the clover right away would not make any sense in that case. You need to always be mindful of any interacting production chains. Luckily, you can simplify your life as a farmer in Family Barn by turning on production automations for certain chains. Then you won’t have to constantly think about feeding the cows for example. They will automatically be fed and their milk will be collected. This gives you time to think about other strategic decisions and focus on expanding your barn.

Sell your excess products to collect more money. After all, you need some coins to invest into your farm and expand it whenever you can. Sooner or later, you will not only be a happy farmer, but also a successful business man. As though all of that wasn’t enough, you can also connect with your friends via Facebook and trade products with them.

Family Barn is available for free in the browser of your choice.

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