Fallout Shelter: New Quest Types and a Visit from Nuka World

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Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

This week, the post-apocalyptic roleplaying game Fallout 4 is getting its final DLC called “Nuka World” on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Sure, some might argue that it’s only “final” for the time being, but only time will tell whether there will be any further expansions for the RPG. Nuka World brings players to the theme park of the same name where they will fight against ghouls and monsters and meet two mascots called Bottle and Cappy. Both of them make an appearance in Fallout Shelter’s latest update which just came out last week. In order to create some buzz for the new adventure in Fallout 4, players of the mobile game can already meet the two mascots from Nuka World in their bunker. They are bringing a new quest which rewards players with some great prizes.

Speaking of quests, the latest update for the app adds lots of new quest types. The Fallout Shelter community can enjoy weekly and special limited time quests that feature some exciting rewards in the end. Impatient players can now skip quests entirely with Nuka-Cola Quantum if there’s one they just really don’t feel like doing. As if that wasn’t enough the patch adds more new challenges to the mobile game.

New quests are available in Fallout Shelter.

The update is available for the iOS, Android, and PC version of Fallout Shelter, which was released this summer.

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