Game of the Day: Fallout Shelter (iOS, Android)

08/18/2015 03:00 am by Benjamin Robson in Game of the DayMobile GamesBethesda

When sitting down today to write this Game of the Day article, I had a few games in mind. I chose one that I have been playing quite a lot lately. My Game of the Day is the latest mobile release for iOS and Android from Bethesda Softworks, Fallout Shelter.

For those that have been living in their very own Fallout vault, and not in the know about the new game, let me introduce it to you. Fallout Shelter is a resource management, a vault building simulation, and a charming little game where players have to maintain their Vault-Tec vault to keep their dwellers alive for as long as possible.

It felt right awarding Fallout Shelter a chance to join some other great titles in our Game of the Day series. It’s part of such an iconic series of games, that it really can’t be ignored. That, however, is not a reason to make it my recommendation for you. The main reason behind this choice stems from how this game felt both very familiar, and also completely alien to a fan of the post-apocalyptic franchise. Bethesda has done a fantastic job making Fallout veterans feel right at home in their free-to-play mobile game, while also being welcoming and easy for players to pick up who are completely new to the franchise.

I take this from personal experience; I downloaded the game last week to write the test article, and instantly enjoyed it. I’m a Fallout fan, and have played through the major releases over the last few years. What I was surprised about, however, was that my girlfriend is enjoying the game just as much, if not more so than me. She is the last person on the planet that would enjoy a game about a post-apocalyptic nuclear fallout, but she loves the casual mobile game, despite the fact that it’s set precisely in this kind of universe.

So if you haven’t tried it out yet, grab your iOS or Android device, and download if for free from their respective application stores and see what you think of it.

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