Fallout Shelter
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Fallout Shelter
What to expect:
  • Build the perfect bunker in the free mobile simulation
  • Experience the Fallout universe from a brand new perspective
  • Send dwellers above ground to explore the wastelands and find handy survival loot
  • Attract new dwellers by building a radio room
  • Defend yourself against Radroach infestations and raiders
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  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • Simulation
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Lead Your Own Bunker in the Free Simulation, Fallout Shelter

In Fallout Shelter, you should prepare to get comfortable underground! Seek refuge in an atomic bunker that you get to build and organize.


Life underground could be peaceful, if it wasn’t for all those regular dangers of the Wasteland. These incidents make life in a bunker a daily adventure that all of its dwellers are forced to take. You might be familiar with Vault-Tec, the fictional company in the Fallout franchise that has specialized in building bunkers. This company is the central focus point in Fallout Shelter. The mobile game based on the iconic post-apocalyptic series allows you to build your own underground safe spot by choosing and combining bunker parts courtesy of Vault-Tec. Naturally, with the imminent nuclear attack, you can’t be too picky in the beginning of the game, which is why you start with the basics. Gradually, life under the surface will become comfortable and normal.

Expand Your Bunker

Life underground wouldn’t be possible without a certain amount of resources. You need electricity, water, and food to guarantee that your survivors actually stay alive. The following bunker parts are only a few of the most basic ones:

  • Build a power generator to produce power for your community
  • Choose the diner to provide a place for your dwellers to eat
  • Water treatment is the place where your dwellers will produce drinkable water
  • Storage areas, radio rooms, and other rooms will attract more specialized dwellers to flock towards your bunker

The more people come to your shelter, the greater the variety of skills your population has. Each dweller has unique strengths and weaknesses that allow you to establish a diverse community. Assign professions to them that reflect their set of skills.

Dangerous Missions on the Surface

Naturally, life in a nuclear wasteland is not all fun and games. Take some of your dwellers to the surface in Fallout Shelter to explore the surroundings. You never know what they might find. There could be handy loot up there that will further improve your life in the bunker.

Fallout Shelter is available for free on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

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