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Fallout Online
What to expect:
  • Play in the Fallout Universe for Free
  • Massive MMORPG
  • Create and Customize your Own Character
  • Encounter Many Different Creatures and Enemies
  • Discover new Lands and Save Humanity
  • Browser Games
  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • Platform
  • Topic
  • Science-Fiction
Age group

Play Fallout Online and Jump into the Fallout Universe!

The world has been completely devastated due to atomic fallout. Fighting off mutants and getting stabbed in the back are things to watch out for.


Fallout Online is an MMORPG that is based upon the original, award-winning Fallout series of games. Create a custom character and explore the wastes that are left over after a nuclear war and discover the secrets that lie buried under the rubble.

As you wander across the land, you will encounter many creatures and mutated monsters. Defeat these monsters to gain experience points and find helpful, if not powerful, items. Gaining experience will level your character and helps you unlock new abilities.

A harsh world awaits you in Fallout Online. Fight your way across arid wastelands and fend off starving mutants as you try to discover new lands and restore humanity to its former glory.

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