Fallen Sword: Get Your Booster Pack Today

06/10/2013 07:52 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsBrowser GamesMMORPG

Are you in need of a booster pack for MMORPG Fallen Sword? Well, then today might be your lucky day. The folks over at Hunted Cow are in a generous mood and are giving out 20 exclusive gift keys for a booster pack in Fallen Sword. 

Improve your character with this exclusive booster pack.

The booster pack includes the following items and stat improvements:
  • +10,000 Current Stamina
  • +5,000 Reserve Stamina
  • +500 Maximum Stamina
  • +5 Inventory (Backpack) Slots
  • 1 x Golden Dragon Blade
  • 1 x Golden Dragon Plate
  • 1 x Golden Dragon Helm
  • 5 x Scholar's Apprentice Potion
  • 1 x Bottled Imp Brew
All you have to do to redeem the code is log into your Hunted Cow account, access the game, click the Upgrades menu, followed by Redeem, and enter your promo code. 

We here at browsergamez are offering 10 codes here and 10 codes on our Facebook page. If your code doesn’t work, drop us an e-mail at and we’ll try to give you a different one. Update: This giveaway has ended. Thank you!
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