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Fallen Sword
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Fallen Sword Description

Get ready to dive into the magical fantasy world of Krul Island situated in the heart of Albera Reef. Learn a skill, trade with other players and spark heart-stopping battles in the thrilling MMORPG.


Fallen Sword is a free browser-based online game that takes you to the misty mountains and crystal-clear waters of Krul Island. Explore the landscape, collect resources, earn glory through intense PvP fights and become a skilled tradesman.

Create your own avatar in Fallen Sword, complete with personalised picture. Your character will earn points and learn exciting new offensive, defensive and special skills as you progress through the game.

The Island of Krul in Fallen Sword is threatened by surprise attacks from goblins and pirates, so it is important you are always prepared for battle. Not only do you face ferocious NPCs, but also the wrath of enemy players. Participate in heated PvP duels, join the large-scale arena battles, or take out sneaky bounties on other players. Form a powerful guild with your friends and take part in gruesome guild battles. Using the Quest Book in Fallen Sword, you can choose one of several adventurous quests and missions to embark on, giving you the chance to earn points and resources. As you gain victory over your evil enemies and successfully accomplish missions, your name rises to the top of the leader board, giving you honour and glory.

Scavenge for unique items on the mysterious island, or craft your very own. Invent new potions to use against your opponents, or use the fires of hell to add heat to your weapons. Trade weaponry and armour with other players at the auction house or marketplace, and protect your supply of gold in the Fallen Sword bank. In Fallen Sword you can cruelly steal gold and other items of value from other players, or surprise them with attacks and bounties.

Fallen Sword is an interesting MMORPG, blending action, combat, strategy, trade and skills into one thrilling fantasy online game.

by Kyle Hayth

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