Fallen Earth: What to Expect from Future Updates

02/11/2013 09:55 am by Jonathan Smith in NewsDownload GamesMMORPG

Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth

In their February State of the Game announcement, the developers of Fallen Earth gave some insight into upcoming changes to the game and things they have in mind for updates further down the road. The primary new feature of the next update will be Stage 3 Coresuits, for which the development team is now polishing up the last few details and balance issues. Aside from that, once a few remaining bugs are fixed on the PTS, the coresuits and the other parts of the update will go live across Fallen Earth servers.

Thereafter, the developers also indicated that they will be working on a brand new PvE progression feature for players who like competitive aspects of games but don’t necessarily enjoy PvP. To address this, the Dome will be introduced, which will be a two player arena that will allow players to fight their way through a series of encounters in a cooperative environment. For every additional encounter you and your teammate conquer, both the difficulty of the battles and the quality of the rewards will increase. Right now the Dome is only in the pre-production stage, where developers are simply thinking up encounters so that no particular build or style of play is given a consistent advantage over others. 

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