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Fallen Earth
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Fallen Earth Description

Stumble into an apocalyptic world ravaged by a biological catastrophe, where only one out of every one hundred citizens on earth has survived, the remainder of which is fearfully hiding in bunkers.


Help protect the remaining citizens of earth in the year 2156, and aim to destroy the enemies of the land, and save civilization from the brink of extinction. Fallen Earth is a MMOG in which players enter a futuristic world, joining one of six powerful factions – Techs, Enforcers, Light Bearers, Travelers, Vistas and Chota. Each faction in the online game Fallen Earth has two allied factions, one archenemy faction, and two enemy factions. Create your character, join a faction, and be prepared for a futuristic adventure in a world ravaged by a devastating virus, nuclear warfare, and an ongoing conflict.

There are many skills and abilities your player can acquire in the online game Fallen Earth, which are divided into four categories – Attributes, Mutations, Active Skills, and Tradeskills. Each of these skills including endurance, social magnetism, creative intelligence, and stamina, can be evolved and improved through experience, as you level up. Mastering weapons plays a key role in the success of your player, their victory in battle and the development of their skills.

Weaponry as well as other essential commodities must be crafted by players, a process that combines access to items as well as knowledge of crafting. Items and equipment that can be accrued in the client-based game Fallen Earth include vehicles, weaponry, armor, and ammunition, each of which is stored in your inventory. It is important to be fully equipped and prepared for battle, to ensure you have any chance of surviving. Take on mutant beasts and strive to destroy your opponents in your bid to restore balance to this once peaceful land.

by Kyle Hayth

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