Face of Mankind: Re-Launch Successfully Funded

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Face of Mankind

Face of Mankind

Whether it is Yogventures or the continuation of Leisure Suit Larry, the wondrous world of has been used to finance many a game over the past couple of years, all with the power of crowd-funding. Now Face of Mankind, a sandbox MMO that has a dynamic economy and player-made factions as its dominant features, joins the ranks of successful projects. With a couple of hours left on the clock, the free-to-play roleplaying game has reached its minimum goal and will be successfully funded tomorrow.

This is good news for Nexeon Technologies, as the extra 50,000 dollars (and counting) will come in handy when re-launching Face of Mankind later this year. While the MMORPG itself has been online for a couple of years now, a dwindling player base has kept the game from flourishing. A month ago, the publishers took to the popular crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, hoping to give the online game a fresh start.
According to the manifesto, they will bring lots of new content to the table - including advanced character customization, a complex crafting system and active combat. If you are interested in what they have to offer technology-wise, check out the following teaser:
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