Face of Mankind
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Face of Mankind
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Face of Mankind Description

Join other players in a dynamic universe full of intrigue, conflict and friendship. Conquer the universe that lies before you and help fellow adventurers on the way. Remember that in this roleplaying game, everything you do leaves a footprint.


Enter a futuristic world, where human interactions are far from what they are today. Planet Earth is no longer full of lush landscapes and thriving cities, as all natural resources have been depleted and acts of violent nature have destroyed every last bit of civilization. To save themselves from a slow and painful death, survivors have built new colonies all across the galaxy. On top of it all, the only source of stability - a government called the Dominion - has fallen and things are once again taking a turn for the worse. What was once a peaceful environment is now a society filled with chaos, anarchy and hatred. Welcome to Face of Mankind.

The immersive nature of this sandbox MMO lets you delve deep into a world that you can shape in any way you like - within the given sci-fi perimeters, of course. Both races and classes work differently than in other online games, as you are able to create your very own faction and create the character that you want to play, rather than settle for the cookie-cutter option. The game's economy is not only based on supply and demand, but also determined by its players. Everything you do leaves a mark and changes the dynamic universe of Face of Mankind - a world that keeps on living even after you go offline. Similar to Age of Wushu or Wizardry Online, you can place a bounty on other people that have violated your privacy or done anything to upset you.

While the story behind Face of Mankind goes all the way back to 2001, the roleplaying game has just recently experienced a re-launch - all with the help of the loyal community. Over the length of 30 days, players have chipped in and raised over 50.000$ to save the MMORPG from its downfall. The developers have taken this opportunity to update any outdated game mechanics and add a whiff of fresh air to the game.

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