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Fable Legends
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Fable Legends Description

Magic, mystery, and adventure: this game has it all, with interesting story lines, challenging quests, and fantastical creatures. Make friends and join a guild, developing your defense and fire power as you progress through this intense RPG.


Fable Legends is an ultra immersive fantasy RPG, in which you get to play as one of the unique fantastical characters, who wield magical powers and weapons, the likes of which you’ve never seen before. This free-to-play game lets you explore the world of Albion, a world where nothing is as it seems. Get ready to make tons of friends and find adventures around every corner.

Eyes will always be watching you in this free-to-play game, even as you tread off the beaten track to discover the mysteries that are laden throughout the magical world of Albion. This is a world where humans, heroes, creatures, and magical beings live side-by-side and fight to protect the balance of good and evil.

There is a large array of characters that you can choose to play in this MMORPG. Play as either a hero or a creature; the choice is yours. Each character will have their own unique attributes and skills that you must learn to use in battle. Wisely utilize their powers and weapons in combat to gain advantage over other players. Kill the onslaught of enemies by working as part of a team of four players. Go on quests as part of guild for extra experience points and special loot. Each guild member will have a unique purpose, and it’s up to you to prove that you are indeed a valued member of the team.

The creatures of Albion are all of mythical nature. The redcaps are axe wielding monsters, who wear tall, pointed red hoods, and patrol the forest floors looking for the unwary traveler. Then there’s the docile giant which is present in most fairy tale stories: the ogre - a beast with his head in the clouds, figuratively and literally, who's notorious for wielding a humongous club. Finally, there’s the goodfellows, a merry dancing, goat-legged criminal with twisted horns who will use his trinkets and cunning practical jokes to plant lethal explosives. If you haven't guessed, nothing in Albion is as it seems, so watch your back!

Fable Legends Screenshots

Fable Legends Screenshot-0Fable Legends Screenshot-1Fable Legends Screenshot-2Fable Legends Screenshot-3Fable Legends Screenshot-4Fable Legends Screenshot-5Fable Legends Screenshot-6Fable Legends Screenshot-7Fable Legends Screenshot-8Fable Legends Screenshot-9Fable Legends Screenshot-10Fable Legends Screenshot-11Fable Legends Screenshot-12Fable Legends Screenshot-13Fable Legends Screenshot-14

Fable Legends News

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