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EZ PZ RPG Description

Create a fantasy character and dive into a mobile game that checks all the RPG boxes! Gain experience and levels as you take on evil boss monsters or challenge fellow gamers to arena duels of death. Who will take home the prize?


Everyone goes out of their way to be an online hero these days, but only few manage to leave a lasting impression and change fantasy worlds forever. Just take EZ PZ RPG as an example: Although the mobile game’s name might suggest that playing through the app poses no particular challenge, only a selected bunch will be able to tackle all challenges and beat every single last boss that roams the lands. Choose a hero, hone their skills and start your journey through the many dungeons and ancient crypts that this roleplaying game has to offer in order to ascend to the top of the leaderboards. Trust us, that’s far from an easy peasy feat...

Every class that is currently available in EZ PZ RPG has its own advantages to bring to the battlefield. While a fierce warrior will most likely charge into combat without batting an eyelash, the quick and nimble ranger has everything you would expect from a distinguished marksman: impeccable aim, quick reflexes and more than enough arrows to take down hordes of ghastly demons. Most attacks will not only deal simple damage in this free-to-play mobile game, but also inflict others with magical effects whether it be slows, freezes, poisons or other afflictions. Last but not least there’s the mage, an erudite caster whose spellbook is filled with destructive incantations and beneficial buffs to keep allies alive.

As you defeat world bosses and take on other players in arena battles, you gain experience. These points can be used to unlock new masteries or even increase certain attributes including Strength, Vitality, Intelligence, and Agility. That’s not the only way to toughen up your hero in this mobile game, however! Every new adventure you take on will fill your virtual pockets with valuable items which can be equipped or sold to merchants for gold pieces. And as you know, you can never have too much gold in a fantasy RPG...

EZ PZ RPG Screenshots

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