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Extraction Description

Are you up for a visit to a nuclear wasteland that was once known as Britain’s thriving capitol London? Terrorists fired a dirty bomb and now the streets are being occupied by criminals.


In the free-to-play first person shooter Extraction, London is not what it used to be. After a terrible terrorist attack only death, chaos and anarchy remain. The only hope for humanity lies in skilled shooters, like you, who have come to restore, well, if not peace then at least some order.

Before you get started, you need to create your soldier and equip him with a weapon. Walking the streets of London without a gun is not a good idea - at least not in Extraction’s version of London. As you might know from other FPS games, there are different modes to try out. You can either fight alone or together with friends. No matter what you do, be careful! London is crawling with hostile units, lurking around every corner. Try not to move around in the open, because you would be too easy a target. Instead, you should use buildings and walls as cover and then wait for the enemy to get in sight.

Extraction is developed by Splash Damage who did a good job at making the post-apocalyptic London resemble the real city. Well, aside from all the chaos and destruction. If you have ever been to the British capitol you will recognize streets and places and perhaps even bus stations. It’s kind of creepy to pass well-known buildings and famous sights, shooting people and trying not to get killed yourself.

In Extraction, you will constantly unlock new features, weapons, and items by playing, fighting and collecting achievements. Upgrading your character’s skills as well as his or her guns and equipment is an important aspect of the game. The more you play, the more experienced you get and the better a killer you become. Make sure to gather a team of equally skilled soldiers and fight your way through hordes of enemies! There are rankings and highscore lists integrated in the game, turning Extraction into a highly competitive title.

Extraction Screenshots

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