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Exoplanet War
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Exoplanet War Description

A war is raging across the stars and space is quickly running out. Can you found your empire and conquer your planet before the other inhabitants do...?


You will begin your Exoplanet War story on a planet with just a small colony. It is up to you to build up your colony, construct new buildings and raise an army that you can use to take over the rest of the planet. Resources are scarce and you’re not the only one on the planet.

In order to help you build your empire from the ground up, Exoplanet War features missions that you can complete. By completing these missions, you will receive rewards in the form of money or perhaps resources. Either way they will most certainly help you.

To conquer the planet, you will need to build an army of powerful units. Browser game Exoplanet War features many different units that you can use and depending on which species you are, there will be different units available to you. However, you can’t simply build units and expect to win.

In Exoplanet War, your ultimate goal is complete domination of your planet. In order to accomplish this, you will need to upgrade your troops and buildings as well. Researching new technologies will unlock doors to powerful units and upgrades that will let you unleash havoc on the enemy.

Once your headquarters is large enough, it is time to branch out and build a new colony. First, you will need to make sure that you have the resources and troops to protect it. Then, once you have defeated an enemy and claimed the territory as your own, you will be able to colonize it with your own people.

Whether you fight for the Zubens, Gaians or Neckrons, you are charged with conquering the planet on which you live. Amass an army and march across the planet leaving nothing behind in your wake of destruction. Create an empire from nothing and become the ultimate ruler of the world!

by Kyle Hayth

Exoplanet War Screenshots

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