Excalibur Online
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Excalibur Online
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Excalibur Online Description

Uncover the mysteries behind the famous legend of King Arthur, as you adventure across vast lands and expand a buzzing empire in this strategic browser-based game...


Excalibur Online is a massively multiplayer online strategy game set in the time of King Arthur and Lancelot in Ancient Britain. You start the game by constructing a variety of buildings in your inner city, to house your citizens and provide the foundations for a strong empire. Construction of your outer city is also crucial for the production of resources such as sawmill.

In the browser game Excalibur Online you are able to accept a number of thrilling city quests, which bring you experience and rewards. Additional items can be purchased using gold at the in-game Item Shop. Various items and equipment are available to help you improve construction, produce resources, discover new technologies and overthrow your enemies in battle.

Train a strong army of soldiers in order to both defend your city, and take siege over other cities. Individual heroes can be recruited at the tavern, and will bring renewed strength and vigor to your armed forces. Heroes available to help you in the MMOG Excalibur Online include the infamous Lancelot, Galahad, Lamorak, Tristan and the renowned King Arthur.

There are specialized training grounds in Excalibur Online that you can use to build up and train your troops. Tactically decide which soldiers you will train in what fields, and ensure you are prepared for the onslaught of intense PvP combats. Take reign over your opponents and strive to rule the entire realm of Ancient Britain in the adventurous browser-based MMOG Excalibur Online.

by Kyle Hayth

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