Evony: New Falcata server opens for real-time strategy browser game Evony: Age II

11/03/2010 04:29 am in News

A recent announcement was made regarding the opening of a brand new server for the medieval-themed browser game Evony: Age II. The server, named Falcata, opened just two days ago, and is now available for all players of the real-time strategy game, experienced or new.
Evony: Age II

Evony: Age II

The opening of the Falcata server will provide the opportunity for long-term and brand-new players alike to start the game afresh on a fair playing field. This is the case when any additional server is opened for an online game. You are now able to fully access and experience the new server in full - it opened just two days ago on November 1st at 7pm server time.

Evony: Age II is a building and strategy browser game, in which you strive to create an impressive empire, a strong army of soldiers and conduct cutting-edge technology research. By building new dwellings, fortifying your settlement and expanding your army you increase your empire's strength and vigor in the online game Evony: Age II.

You can not only expand your own empire, but you can also attack neighboring forts, looting their valuable resources and claiming their land as your own. In the real-time medieval game you can appoint a mayor and a general as well as undertake dangerous exploration missions in search of resources. Earn honor and glory as you reign over your own empire.

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