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Evony: Age II
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Evony: Age II Description

Expand your own mighty and powerful empire in this action-packed free-to-play browser game. Attack your enemies, build strong fortresses and lead your army to victory...


Evony: Age II is a real time strategy browser game set in a medieval world, where your mission is to gather valuable resources with which to construct new buildings, carry out cutting-edge research, and train and augment a powerful army.

You start the browser game with a simple town hall and some rich farming land and expand from there. You can add numerous structures to your settlement including small businesses, a research academy, military barracks and a market. The land surrounding your protected settlement is also at your disposal - manage farms, resource buildings, quarries, lumber mills and iron mines.

Not only will you take reigns of the construction and growth of your city, but also of its governance. In the online game Evony you can assign various heroes to help you in managing your empire. Appoint a Mayor to run your settlement and a General to manage your army. Each hero you assign should be strong in one of three skills - politics, attack and intelligence. Be sure to supply additional food resources to your army as it expands or attacks other cities. Manage the taxes of your city in Evony: Age II and provide enough resources for your settlers and army to ensure they remain loyal to you.

Send your troops on missions to scout for potential cities to conquer in the area surrounding your settlement in Evony. Train archers, pikemen and swordsmen at the military barracks and lead them to the front line of battle. Steal resources from your enemies and take over their land.

Embark on adventurous quests, earn prestige and rank as you overthrow your opponents, and rise as the leader of the largest empire of all time.

by Kyle Hayth

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