Evolve: Hunters Quest
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Evolve: Hunters Quest
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Evolve: Hunters Quest Description

This mobile game is taking match-3 games to a whole new level. Experience action-packed levels with intense, strategic gameplay that will blow you away! Quite literally, sometimes.


2K Games has a brand new first-person shooter in store for their loyal community. Evolve is an action-packed shooter set on a distant planet which is shaken by intense battles between humans and alien monsters. Unfortunately, the game is not free-to-play, but must be purchased. Don’t fret, however, if you’re interested in the Evolve universe because we here at have a action-packed alternative in store for you which is entirely for free. The guys and girls over at 2K Games have released Evolve: Hunters Quest, a free-to-play mobile reinterpretation of the franchise!

The app is based on a match-3 type gameplay, but it puts an entirely new spin on it. Instead of only featuring mundane puzzle gaming, Evolve: Hunters Quest adds exactly what the franchise’s community loves about this gaming universe - lots and lots of action! Following the recent trend of having an action-packed take on puzzle games, 2K Games’ app features a battlefield on the top of the screen which displays a fight in impressive 3D graphics. On the bottom of the screen, you will have an impact on what will happen on the top. Here, you will find the match-3 gameboard which is the central focus point of the game.

Match three tokens of the same color to attack your enemies on the top screen and also activate your hunters’ skills. Your attacks will be displayed in impressively animated graphics that will shake your entire screen. Experience heated action in more than 100 missions that will increasingly get more difficult. You will be rewarded with Mastery Points that will even rank up your character in the console game (in case you own it). Evolve: Hunters Quest also lets you collect unique wildlife in the Bestiary.

The free-to-play puzzle game is available for all Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.

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