Evolution: Battle for Utopia
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Evolution: Battle for Utopia
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Evolution: Battle for Utopia Description

The future is here and you're in the middle of an ongoing war between factions. But not only humans have perfected the art of warfare. Monsters are also out to get you in this free mobile game, so build a futuristic fortress and get ready to rumble!


Evolution: Battle for Utopia is a mix between a roleplaying and a strategy game. Think of it as a new StarCraft installment that lets you choose and advance a hero as you complete missions and expand your science-fiction kingdom. Your trusty cyborg companion Fido - a little robot dog - will follow you on your journey through the free-to-play mobile game and stand strong against any opposing forces, whether that’s other players or epic monsters such as executioners or dominators.

Playing Evolution: Battle for Utopia will send you on a quest to explore new worlds and uncover dark secrets - all in the same online sci-fi universe. The first step to becoming an overlord is setting up a base. As you collect resources and extract precious materials from the environment, you get to add new buildings to your encampment. From the Crystallite Mine that allows you to harvest the rarest currency in the free mobile app to a Research Center that encourages the discovery of new technologies: Setting up a new structure will pave your path towards victory and give way to new possibilities. All your operations will be handled from the safety of your base, except when you are ready to head into battle and fight for your right to command and conquer.

In Battle for Utopia, different firearms are at your disposal. Machine guns, automatic rifles and revolvers give you an edge over other players, assuming you know how to get the best out of your futuristic champion. Instead of just sending troops to take down the competition, you will be the one to pick up a weapon and show what you are made of. This of course means that there’s different equipment for you to collect that will determine your character's strengths and weaknesses. Finding the perfect balance between offense and defense will be your ticket to reaching the top of the official rating in this free-to-play mobile game.

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