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Evoker Description

With goblins, dragons, orcs, and fairies (to name but a few) this free-to-play card battler has it all. Let your imagination run wild as you take on other players online, using your best deck of cards to bring them down! Always have a trick ready...


Evoker is a free-to-play mobile game where you must develop a powerful set of fantasy-themed magical cards that you then use in battle. There are hundreds of quests for you to complete that will take you through a mystical story based in a magical universe. Each time you go forth into battle, you must put forward your most powerful cards, craft new items, and conjure new and exciting characters.

The characters come in all shapes and sizes, from orcs, to eagles, to fairies. Choose your cards carefully, and develop a unique army that is powerful in battle. The ominously named Guruk the Destroyer is one such character: Orc by nature, this giant is a muscular creature that wields a massive bone club and wears skeletal armor. Then there’s the legendary Brother Artujan, a powerful magician that carries a book of spells. Other cards include potions, items, and power-ups. Level-up your characters in battle, or combine the cards to conjure a creature that is twice as deadly!

Evoker uses hundreds of fantasy artworks to illustrate the characters, displaying their strengths and their abilities. Each character is unique, and each card has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is up to you to formulate a battle plan in order to become the most devastating army in the game. Ok, so an army of cards doesn't sound very threatening, but with a little dedication and a bit of imagination, this game can become a real fantasy adventure!

Brought to you by flaregames (Royal Revolt 2, Throne Wars), this card battle game allows you to duel other players online. Compare your deck to your opponents and charge into a battle for power and domination. The winner will receive rewards, improve their deck and their characters. There are also powerful bosses that you must defeat and dangerous quests that you must complete in order to progress in this mobile game available for iOS and Android!

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